There are many role-playing games with slightly different rules about how to make a can be a little confusing at first. Luckily, in our programs you have expert teachers and gamers to help you create and figure out your character to start playing (and practicing English)!

When you create your character, you decide your character’s class (such as fighter, wizard, and many more), and his or her background. Then, as the course adventure progresses, your character gains experience. Your character becomes stronger, more powerful, and more capable of doing amazing things. For example, if you are playing a wizard character, you learn more powerful spells as you gain experience. On the other hand, if you are playing a fighter, you might learn how to do more powerful attacks. The choices are yours as you gain levels of experience!

All of these choices connect to your improvement and participation during the course, which gives you an incentive to get involved!


In your first lesson at DnD ESL, we teach some essential vocabulary and the rules of the game. Also, in that first lesson, 'Session 0' as we call it, we will help you create your character. Some things we discuss during character creation:

  • Do you want to focus on combat, magic, or healing?
  • How does your character fit into the world of the game? Was he/she a criminal, a noble, a soldier, or something else in the past?
  • What made your character become an adventurer?
  • What things are important to your character? Honor, gold, friendship, helping others, etc.?

These are just some suggestions! In Session 0, your teacher will work with you to make your character ready.

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